2017 Courtship

Getting to  know  a  vineyard  is  a  romance. Our mountain estate was established in 2001, followed by redevelopment of select blocks eleven years later. A new  bond  was  forged  between  the  land  and  these  young  vines.

Courtship is a  sophisticated,  vibrant   expression of cabernet sauvignon, rigorously selected and complete  in  its own right.

The debut release  of  courtship  is  evidence  that,  farmed  with  care, a vineyard at any stage can offer wines of beauty and meaning.

An abundance of winter rains  along  with galvanizing late-season heat waves gave way to a wine of generous fruit and gratifying depth. Notes  of  juicy  blueberry and cherry  lend  an  easy, relaxed   quality,   underlaid  with dried sage and a cool floral complexity.

97% cabernet sauvignon, 2% petit verdot, 1% malbec
20 months in 40 % new french oak barrels
14.5% Alcohol

Harvest Dates: September 7 – October 17, 2017,
Bottling Date: June 6 2019
Release Date: March 30, 2021


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