“Today, Cornell is one of the most exciting and dynamic estate wineries in northern California.”
—Antonio Galloni, VINOUS

Cornell Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Perched on a far flung slope of the Mayacamas surrounded by wilderness, this land possesses an enigmatic personality which manifests in the glass more prominently with each passing year. The unforgiving terrain gives way to a highly specific wine that is a joy to savor, yet makes no apologies or concessions. Our team’s unwavering focus and purpose anchor both the vineyard and the cellar, identifying and magnifying the unmistakable essence of our mountain estate.

Vintage Notes

Cornell Chardonnay

The Chardonnay pays tribute to the viticultural area we call home and is made with the same exacting standards we uphold for Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine unveils another medium for expressing our winemaking sensibility, one that dances between pleasure and principle. Guiding this wine from vine to bottle is an exercise in stillness, with the goal of allowing the fruit to speak. The result is a wine full of life and energy, that attests to our team’s faithful commitment to the grape and respect for the land.

Vintage Notes

Courtship Cabernet Sauvignon

Getting to know a vineyard is a romance. Our mountain estate was established in 2001, followed by redevelopment of select blocks eleven years later. A new bond was forged between the land and these young vines. Courtship is a sophisticated, vibrant expression of Cabernet Sauvignon grown on property, rigorously selected and complete in its own right. Courtship is evidence that, farmed with care, a vineyard at any stage can offer wines of beauty and meaning.

Vintage Notes


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