This land is the source of our vision.

Over twenty years ago we purchased a plot of rugged, untamed ground in the Mayacamas Range just west of the Spring Mountain District. We discovered where vines had been tended by early settlers and with respect for the land, we returned the rolling hillsides to vineyard. Two hundred forty wild acres with sweeping views contain twenty acres of obsessively farmed vineyard blocks, each with its own distinctive imprint. Given the diversity of this impressive land, stewardship and connection are paramount to our endeavor.

Under the guidance of winemakers Francoise Peschon and Elizabeth Tangney, we strive to make a Cabernet Sauvignon that is faithful to the terroir and to our principles as vintners. Our team’s radically modest approach allows for expressive, balanced wines with a sense of place and the ability to age gracefully.

In our pursuit of honest wines that capture the complexity of this magical place, we quickly learned that farming in- house with a full time team was the only path forward. In 2015, we invited our core vineyard crew and their families to live on the property year-round, to share the bond we feel with the land and make it their home. This has yielded a mutual commitment and deep connection to this mountain estate which is at once nature, farm, and home.

– Henry and Vanessa Cornell


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