The Cornell estate in the Mayacamas Range, just west of the Spring Mountain District, is home to ideal mountain terroir. This range was derived from a subducting oceanic plate, and erosion of the lighter soils gave way to the rolling topography we farm today. These ancient sea beds are a cross-section of almost absurd geological diversity, which lead to the identification of 20 distinct vineyard blocks. Each block bears different combinations of soil, exposure, plant material, and design.

Elevation: 1500-1920 ft.

Soil Characteristics: volcanic, sandstone, rock, and clay

Exposure: north, south, east

Average Block Size: 0.70 acres

Row Spacing: 6×3, 7×4, 8×5

Trellising: VSP with variable crossarms

Our farming philosophy is rooted in observation and preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystem. Our resident team understands our site, our challenges and our goals. We farm our vineyards with meticulous care while working together to support each other and the land.

For optimal blending potential, all classic red Bordeaux varieties are present in the vineyard.

Cabernet Sauvignon: 12.5 acres

Petit Verdot: .5 acres

Malbec: .5 acres

Merlot: 1.5 acres

Cabernet Franc: 2 acres

Carmenere: .4 acres

Chardonnay: 1.3 acres


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